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One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Direct Energy Tour Texas Children's Hospital

In June, Jason Lucas and his team in Houston toured Texas Children’s Hospital. Jason shared some thoughts on the tour:

Thank you for the opportunity to let us be a part of the presentation at Texas Children’s hospital. It’s about the people:

Wow, what an amazing, eye opening, experience that we had at Texas Children’s Hospital! I had no idea of the amount of effort that it takes to become a leader in that industry but after having Camille Landry show us around, we could see why they are world renowned!

The brilliant designers for this facility have crossed the worlds of a medicine, while simultaneously making it an environment that is parent friendly, kid friendly and fun! “Fun” is not a noun normally used to describe a hospital but Texas Children’s has pulled it off. The attention to detail that they demonstrate all the way from the spa like serenity of the lighting and decor in the front lobby to the impressive library, barber shop, professional radio station and game room… This place is really special.

  • If you’ve ever called in sick for school then you know it’s easy to fall behind. – What a terrible feeling “to be behind”. Texas Children’s Hospital has brilliantly taken that into consideration by having the foresight to bring in professional qualified HISD teachers, and they’ve created a comfortable space for a classroom to keep children up to date in their studies.
  • The privacy of expecting mother’s were thought of, by the designers, because they have their own private floor on the looping , sturdy/ well built Double Decker hallways that are high above the street below. The private hallways give access back and forth to the impressive sky scraping buildings in Houston’s downtown Medical Center.Camille showed us a state of the art $500,000.00 “one of a kind” machine that is designed to help a patient with muscle memory and the mechanics of walking again, in the physical therapy room. If your child has autism, for example, they have space designated to give him or her the privacy and attention they need to thrive.I was so impressed by Camille because even though our fundraiser was modest compared to what it takes to run an operation like this, she made us feel so adequate and important. That same kind of service radiates through this facility. Every interaction that we had with the staff was very friendly and polite.

    Knowing that they except no less than highly qualified pediatricians from a very prestigious top tier program like Baylor makes the patients, in such difficult times, know that they have the very best in the medical industry. I pray that I never have to bring my children here, but what blessing it is to know that it exists and it’s open to the public, right here in Houston.

    And isn’t that what it’s really all about? … the people? In such a competitive world that we live in, Texas Children’s Hospital uses the completive nature of their industry to help drive them but they never lose sight of what’s really important… The children and their families.

Thanks again for letting us be a part of the experience and we appreciate the hospitality that Camille and the staff gave us.

Jeff Lucas
Home Comfort Advisor
One Hour AC / Direct Energy Houston, TX