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Happy Homecoming Baby Ivy!

Baby Ivy is finally going home after six months spent inside Texas Children’s Hospital after becoming the first baby to undergo experimental hearts surgery, before she was even born.

Like our miracle child Leigh Ann, Baby Ivy had Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome and a condition called intact atrial septum, where blood backs up and damages the lungs. Baby Ivy was given experimental heart surgery while she was still in her mothers womb. The fetal surgery program at Texas Children’s was able to offer Ivy’s parents an experimental surgery where they would use a tiny laser and burn a whole in her septum to insert a stent.

This procedure saved Ivy’s life when she was born in September of 2018. After 6 months they are finally heading home.

Though Ivy will still need additional surgeries, her parents are still raising awareness for hypo plastic left heart syndrome because most options are still very experimental.

You can read the full story here on CBS News.