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A Game Day Letter from Jo Ellen Enmon, Tori Enmon's Mom

Hello my dear Extra Lifers,

WOW what an exciting day – GAME DAY!  I’m not sure what you’ll be playing, but I’ll probably play Old Maid, Checkers and Go Fish…. and then some Mario Kart with the grandchildren! There’s nothing better than playing games with them.

Later, our family will play some Crokinole! A big thanks to William Oliver for introducing our family to that board game! Those of you that know about this game, know how exciting it is and a few even know how much I need to practice.

For every Extra Lifer that plays any games: board games, video games or outdoor games – you are helping children. I think the Extra Life slogan “play games, heal kids” brings smiles to all of our faces on our special Game Day.

There’s no greater pleasure than helping to bring a smile to a child in the hospital. Many children treated in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals may never meet Extra Lifers like you and me in person – but, they’re hearing and learning about Extra Life.  The commitment of each and every gamer is apparent on days like today when the money pours in for these children!

Stand tall, and be proud, because each and every one of you are making a difference! Whether you raise one dollar or several dollars – YOU continue to make a difference!!! WE are EXTRA LIFE, WE are GAMERS, and WE CANNOT be stopped!

On behalf of the entire Enmon Family – we send our love to you, our Extra Life family, and we continue to stand in amazement for the compassion and dedication you have for a “little fundraiser” that began with “a little girl from Orange Texas.” Enjoy your GAME DAY! We love you all!

To meet my daughter Tori and understand how her legacy lives on through Extra Life, watch and share this video:

With Love,

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals across North America by playing games!